Had a great day at the Royal Melbourne Show on Friday, doing a couple of cooking demos at the Winning Tastes Stage. It was strange walking back into the set for the MasterChef kitchen for the first time since filming the finale. It all looked completely different, except for the clock still hanging from the ceiling. That's certainly one thing I don't miss - cooking to extreme time pressure. They'd also put a pop-up bar in the pantry, which seems to be an improvement!

The cooking demo was a lot of fun, and very well MC'd by the lovely Alice in Frames, another MasterChef alumni. She kept the crowd entertained, and asked more tough questions during the cooking than the judges ever seemed to!! The highlight for me was getting my daughter Emily up on stage to help out with both recipes. The whole point was to show how easy it is to cook with your kids, and how much fun it can be to share the joys of creating (and eating) food.

For those interested, I made a chocolate and salted caramel tart (the recipe is already on my website), and a caramelised white chocolate mousse. 

A big thanks to all the MasterChef fans who came out to say hello - it was great to meet you all. It's humbling and inspiring to see so many people who love the show, and especially great to see a lot of young kids so passionate about cooking.